Frequently Asked CWP Questions

1. How do I sign up?

Click this link  (SIGN UP FOR A CLASS HERE)  it will take you to the class dates page. All available classes are listed on line. Please choose the class that works with your schedule. Please use the sign up form below all the class dates listed. Submit this form directly to us by click the submit button. We will add you to the class and send you a confirmation email.

1.A. Where are the classes held at?

Classes are held on site at the gun range. After class we shoot on site.
Please sign up though our website, do not call the gun range to sign up.
Pappy's Gun Shop
4955 Tinker Creed Rd.
Edgemoor, SC 29712
(We are approximately 18 Min. away from Winthrop University.)

2.  What is the class fee?

$75.00 for the full day classes (average citizen class)

$40.00 for the Separate Ex-Military and Ex-Police Officer Class

3. When do I pay for the class?

After you press the submit button you will be directed to a Thank You Page. You can pay your deposit or make your full class payment then by clicking on one of the PayPal links on that page.

If you do not have PayPal, then click the PayPal Link and then click on pay as a guest or pay using a credit card.

4. What days are the classes held on?

$75.00 Full Class is held on Saturdays at 10 AM

$40.00 Military/Police Classes are held once a month on Sunday from 2 pm till 5:30 pm

5. What is proof of Military service or Police service?

The Law states that Military proof is your DD214 and Police proof is your graduation certificate from the academy.

6. Do I bring my DD214 or my graduation certificate from the academy to class?

No, you must place a copy of this document into the SLED package that I give to you to mail in to SLED.

7. What time do the classes start?

Full Day Classes are Saturdays starting at 10 am till 5:30 PM

Military Evening Classes start at 2 PM till 5:30 PM

8. Is this a one day class?

Yes, this is a one day class.

9. What will be provided for me in class?

We will provide a 22Lr Beretta Neos pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition.

We provide range time, targets, holster, gun belt, and eye and ear protection.

We provide you a SLED package with all the SLED required paperwork inside.

We provide an envelope to mail your SLED package to SLED in.

We provide you a gun for classroom use.

We provide drinks and light snacks. (Sometimes my wife will bake goodies for us)

We provide you with an outline so you can follow along and not write all day.

We provide pens, highlighters, and paper.

We provide the gun law and some case law related to the use of deadly force.

We provide a Check off sheet to make sure you put all required paperwork inside your SLED package.

We provide a comfortable learning environment to maximize the sharing of information.

We provide you all the knowledge you will need to pass the written test.

We provide the instruction needed for you to pass the shooting portion of the test.

10. Do I have to be a South Carolina Resident to get a CWP in SC?

Yes, OR, you must own land in SC to obtain a non-resident permit. Please let us know if you are a non-resident. We need to give you a form that you must take to the tax assessor’s office for the tax assessor to fill out and have it signed and sealed by the tax assessors.

11. What paperwork do I need to bring to class?

Only a valid ID. Drivers licensee, Etc.

12. What items do I need for class?

You will need to wear a crew neck shirt. No open front shirts you do not want hot brass down the front of your shirt.

If you want to bring you own eye and ear protection you can. But I will have some for you to use.

If you need a sandwich during the day please bring one.

We will have light snacks and drinks on site.

Bring a baseball hat to keep the sun out of your eyes while shooting.

If it is wet bring old shoes.

Absolutely no flip flops, ballerina type of slip on shoes, no sandals, no high heels, no open toe shoes.

You will be outside only to shoot (Approximately for 30 to 45 minutes outside). The classroom is inside. Dress appropriately.

13. Will you do finger prints on site?

Yes. A retired police officer will be on site to roll your finger prints. Please bring $5.00 cash to pay him when he rolls your prints.

14. Why can’t I bring my own gun?

For the safety of everyone; it is safer in a crowd if we have control of all guns and ammo.

We will safety check and clear the gun and hand it to you with the safety engaged.

We have people loading magazines. We have approximately 50 magazines.

We will hand you a full magazine and you will only place it into the gun when we tell you to load and make ready.

All guns are empty at the same time and safety checked by you and the range safety officer.

These are competition pistols, very accurate, low recoil, easy to pull the slide back to chamber a round, and these guns fit small and large hands.

15. How many times do I have to hit the target?

35 times out of 50 shots.

16. How far from the target am I when I shoot?

We start at 9 feet from the target. A full body silhouette target. This is a large target.

17. Who does my back ground check?

SLED will do your background check after you send in the SLED application that we give you in class.

18. How much does the background check and permit cost?

You will need to send a certified check or money order into SLED with your application in the amount of $50.00

Retired police officers and Ex-Military personnel that receive disability from the VA this fee is waived by SLED, you do not pay for your permit.

19. When do I send in my paperwork and my $50.00 certified check to SLED?

Your training is in effect for 3 years, so you have 3 years from your class date to send in your SLED paperwork and the $50.00 check to SLED for your permit.

20. How long is my permit good for?

5 years. You must renew your permit the last 3 months. You can renew on line and pay online.

21. How long does it take to get my permit back from SLED?

By law SLED has 90 days to return your permit from the date you mailed it in or to send you a denial letter. You can appeal if denied.

SLED asks that you not call them to check on your permit until the 90 day time period has expired. It has been my experience that most students receive their permit within 30 to 45 days from SLED. But wait 90 days to call them.

22. Do I have to be 21 years old to take the class?

NO. Your training is good for 3 years from the training date. If you are 18 years old or older you can take the class and mail in your paper work on your 21st birthday.

23. Do I have to be 21 years old to carry a pistol concealed?

Yes. You must be 21 years old to carry a pistol concealed and you MUST have a concealed weapons permit.

CWP SLED Instructor

Concealed Weapons Permit Class for Rock Hill, Chester, Lancaster,
Fort Mill, York, Tega Cay, Lake Wylie, and all of South Carolina.

$75.00 Per Person
We Provide Gun, Ammo, Safety Equipment, and all Classroom Materials. You Just Show Up.
$40.00 For Ex-Military and Retired Police            Separate Class for Military and Police

Learn Gun Safety, Home Safety, and Carry Safety.

My name is Tim Walling and the name of my company is SC Legal Carry LLC. My certifications include NRA Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor, and SLED Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor. I am a member of the Central Carolinas Shooting Club, a member of IDPA,(International Defensive Pistol Association). I am a United States Marine Corps veteran, I was the Zoning Officer for the City of Rock Hill, and now I currently work for York County.

In South Carolina a Concealed Weapon Instructor must have a current NRA Instructor Certification. This person must be a NRA Pistol Instructor. To obtain these two titles the Instructor must score 90% or better on each exam. The Instructor must demonstrate excellent pistol safety during classroom instruction and on the firing line at the firing range. The Instructor should be a Range Safety Officer. The final step in becoming a SLED Certified Concealable Weapons Instructor is to get approved by SLED, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, to teach the CWP Class. And the Instructor must develope a lesson plan that includes all the key teaching points required by SLED. The Instructors lesson plan must be approved by SLED.
I have achieved all requirements to teach the South Carolina Concealable Weapons Permit class, (CWP).


NRA Member
NRA Instructor
NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor
SLED Certified Concealable Weapons Permit Instructor

Member of the Central Carolina's Shooting Club

Member of IDPA International Defensive Pistol Association
Shoot in monthly IDPA matches.


Winthrop University,

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology,

with a minor in HR


United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society

National Scholars Honor Society 
National Dean List

Winthrop University Dean List

York Technical College / General Studies/Business


Certified Class 2 and Class 3 Landfill Manager 
State of South Carolina DHEC
Certified Transfer Station Manager
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
CEPTE Certified

Certified Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspector,

State of South Carolina, DOT

Certified Roadway Technician,

State of South Carolina, DOT

Residential Contractor, SC

OSHA Approved Competent Person


OSHA Approved Confined Space Training


Deacon Westminster Presbyterian Church: 2010 - Present  
Construction Board Member, Habitat for Humanities of York Co. 2004-2005
Associate staff member, Mission World 2005 –2007

Roar Sports Coach: Head coach Volleyball

Mason, member of the Blue Lodge York 385

Member of the Hejaz Shrine Temple

Member of the Cresent Shrine Club